ADRIAN MOLE opens at Hornchurch to rave reviews and an Offie nomination

PIPPA CLEARY and Jake Brunger's musical adaptation of THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE AGED 13 3/4 has received rave reviews for the new production at the Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch. This production has an all-adult actor-musician cast and has been nominated for an Offie for Performance Ensemble. Here's what the critics have been saying:

★★★★ 'Immensely is like being embraced with a warm hug after a long, hard day' - The Stage

★★★★ 'In a world where we need an escape more than anything, this show is a blinding light' - West End Best Friend

★★★★ 'It really is one of the funniest musicals I have seen for a long time' - Musical Theatre Review

★★★★ 'The show is wonderfully charming and filled with nostalgia' - Box Office Radio

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